Ever since its foundation in 1987 Szintézis Ltd. has been a leading actor of the Hungarian information technology market. We are proud of providing flexible, top quality services to clients ranging from the largest domestic, and foreign multinationals all the way to medium sized businesses.

We do not simply find the optimum IT solution, but also design it, implement it, and follow it up.

We have MSZ EN ISO 9001: 2009, MSZ EN ISO 14001: 2005 certifications.

Our company has been in the forefront of the Hungarian IT industry for over 30 years. In addition to our headquarters in Győr we are also present in Budapest, and in Salgótarján. We have won numerous domestic, and international prizes, and our partners also recognise our expertise. Szintézis Ltd. is also represented through its subsidiaries in Romania, and Slovakia. The Szintézis group operates the following businesses: Szintézis Ltd., Szintézis ERP Ltd., Szintézis-Net Ltd. Szintézis Romania, Szintézis Slovakia The entire group employs over 300 staff across the region. The central aim of our business policy is to provide comprehensive, and long-term services to our clients. We do not simply find the optimum IT solution, but also design it, implement it, and follow it up.

Retail Solutions

Pricer electronic shelf label (ESL)

Szintézis ZRt. is the official partner of market leading Pricer electronic shelf labeling system in Hungary, Slovakia, and Romania. Our company has received several international awards for its efforts to promote digital labeling in the Hungarian market. We are the most renowned experts of the ESL with more than 10 years of experience. Familiarize with Pricer’s technology, a spin-off of the military technology, and choose the most stable, the fastest, and the most innovative electronic shelf labeling solution!

Localising and supporting POS systems

Szintézis ZRt. is one of Hungary’s market leading retail IT solution suppliers. Our retail software, and POS systems are 100% compliant with applicable Hungarian legislation. Over more than 30 years since our company’s establishment we have localized, and brought in line with Hungarian regulations numerous foreign made POS systems.

Szintézis ZRt. is your best choice for localizing, MKEH licensing, and supporting your POS systems.

We are your reliable partner contributing to your success though our fast, and flexible services.

Self check-out (SCO) systems

Shortage of qualified sales floor staff poses a major challenge also for Hungarian retailers. Szintézis ZRt. offers effectiveness through its own POS systems, and by partnering with NCR, one of the most reliable global POS hardware manufacturers.

Ask for a quote! Prepare for the future also in Hungary!

POS systems, retail devices

Build the software, and hardware solutions of your new retail unit using the services of one of Hungary’s leading commercial IT providers, Szintézis ZRt! We have the resources to assist you to select, and procure the best value for money when it comes to POS solutions, hardware add-ons, price-checker devices or scales!

Our retail software

Choose market leading commercial software solutions that have a decades long track record of success in the Hungarian market. Ask for a demo of our integrated sales, and stock management solutions, intelligent POS’s system, and see for yourself how effective Szintézis’ systems are!

Enterprise Solutions


Cut your costs and make your IT system more reliable, and more effective all at the same time! Take workload off your staff by contracting Szintézis’ professional team to set up, maintain, and operate your IT system providing support services up to 24/7.


Are you having difficulty displaying current production tasks direct on the production line? Do your assembly staff still print work instructions on A4 sheets resulting in frequent errors, and non-compliant products? Have your partners returned full shipments of your product due to faulty manufacture? If your answer to any of the above questions is positive, you need the PRICER industrial display system!


RFID technology is an absolute must if you need to achieve transparent, and user-friendly warehousing, production monitoring, and material movement. Given that RFID is not an optical technology, the related reading devices do not require direct visibility, which makes their use particularly practical, and versatile. No more articles gone astray, and no more parts mixed up!


You need a robust, and highly reliable computer that offers uninterrupted operation even in industrial environments?
If so, browse through our wide variety of simple touch-screen systems, and devices resistant to heat or strong vibration that ordinary equipment is not designed to tolerate.


One of Szintézis’ main business lines is software development with special focus on a variety of client specific solutions. We feel at home offering custom-tailored software+ solutions to problems where development in a standard ERP system could not meet short deadlines, satisfy very special needs, or would be too costly and/or too time consuming.

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